Tiger's Weakness
January 29, 2010
Everything Will Be Okay
January 30, 2010


See I told you that you better behave or else….now that Daddy came home….I am going to tell him all about your disrespectfulness and how you did not listen to Nanny….I gave you plenty of chances to obey me but you thought that you could do what you wanted without consequences…well guess again….now do as I say….go and tell Daddy everything that you did today that you were not suppose to do….don’t worry if you forget something I have it all written down and will make sure that I also tell about what you might have left out….I am so disappointed in you….maybe next time you will obey and I won’t have to tell Daddy about all that you did….now go and do as I say or else….Daddy bends you over his knee and tells you that he is so disappointed in you…you begin to whimper but try to fight back the tears you brought this on yourself did you not….Daddy’s ask me if he should use his hand, belt or paddle….what should it be today….mmmmm…..Rachel

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