Diapered on the road
October 4, 2012
Paddled in pretty pink panties
October 5, 2012
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Nurse Strickland’s exam room

One of the roles I play is a sexy Nurse Strickland she gets very nasty while I dominate & play with my many different diaper submissives. I have a very extensive exam room that is sterile with a big exam table that I just love performing thorough medical examinations on some of my dirty-minded slaves that have  a medical fetish. The room is spacious I like to turn the lights down low except for my big exam light that I angle right onto my patient as they are trying to nervously mentally prepare themselves while being restrained by the wrists and ankles for the session that is sure to flood all their limbs with such intense sensation. I take a lot of measures to insure my patient leaves my exam area with a whole new outlook on their bodies could be quite painful or extremely pleasurable depending upon what our scene call for.


Mistress Mommy Nurse



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