smug little,diaper slave
November 2, 2012
cuffed to a crib
November 4, 2012

Mommy doesn’t like to have to do this ABie. But you have been naughty for the last time. Little ABie hands do not belong in little ABie diapers. And escaping from your crib, well that is unacceptable. Mommy is very nice…until she’s not,haahaa. And you have now just committed your last naughty act.

Mommy ordered you a brand new sleep sac. One to keep ABie safe but it will double just fine as a nice punishment for when ABie doesn’t want to listen to mommy. Mommy will bundle you up, add a few small locks at the zippers and…voila! Abie is not only safe but unable to get your hands down into your dirty diaper for naughty play. You also will not have the dexterity to climb out of that crib. But if you somehow do figure out a way, well mommy has a fix for that too…

Oh, did you want to know what that fix is? Well pick up that phone and confess to all your naughty deeds and mommy will tell you all about the punishments she has planned.

Mommy Josie



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