November 2, 2012
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November 5, 2012
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cuffed to a crib

Here in my playroom your naked and cuffed to a crib wearing a diaper on your head.

I caught you looking at me while I was getting dressed for our session you knew you would be punished.

That’s right you will take your medicine  just like a good abie should open wide now I have my vibrating strap on ready to correct your peeping tendencies with some strap on training.

Pounding in and out of your bottom I hear you say the safe word “flogger” I stopped and instead took out my paddle with the word naughty in silver studs across it and started to spank you instead.

That will teach you to peer in at a mistress while she is un-aware of being watched.

Tears start to stream down your cheeks from the reddening I gave your little bottom.

“I bet you will think twice before any more mis-behavior now, won’t you?” I leered down at him.

“Yes,Mistress mommy I will not be bad anymore.” he replied sullenly

“Glad to hear that my diaper boi you are learning!”





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