A Sissy Girl Wearing a Diaper The girl was dressed in an adult sissy gown and was also wearing white stocks and a diaper.
What Happened Here?
September 11, 2016
A woman is standing on the ground, naked and showing off her large boobs. She has a sultry expression and is tightly pushing her boobs.
Diapered and Doodied
September 19, 2016
phonesexWhat am I going to do to keep your hand out of your diaper? You know you are supposed to ask your Abdl mommy permission to make cummies! So now I ordered you something for you to put on and it is a big surprise my Sissy baby! Now come here now!! I am going to take off your Bambino teddy bear diapers and slide on your chastity device, afterwards I am going to make sure you won’t get the lock by wearing it around my neck for everyone to see!  Now let’s get your diaper on and your locking plastic panties on! Just to make sure you’re extra good for mommy! Then we are going to put on a really cute outfit and lay a blanket out for you to lay on so we can take some cute pictures of you to post online for everyone to see! So Call mommy for someABDL phone sex!
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