In this picture, a woman is standing on the ground while half-naked and dressed in white pussywear. She is stroking her body and flashing her boobs, and she looks sexy.
Naughty Sissy!
September 19, 2016
A Hot Lady: The was dressed in a red outfit. She's also drinking water.
Sissy Phone Sex
November 14, 2016

Shitty Diaper Phone Sex

Looks like you have a big stinky in your ABDL diaper. I can see it peeping through the side of your leg holes. I really should get you in a new diaper. I really just don’t feel like changing your messy sissy ass right now. I’m pretty much done catering to your every “accident”. I feel like letting you sit in your nasty shitty diaper would make you learn from purposely having accidents. Another part of me just wants to change you into a new diaper and dress you up like a little sissy slut. How much would you like that? I’m sure a big boy like you wouldn’t like that one bit. Or maybe you really would. I think I’ll just go with letting you sit in your filthy shitted diaper for a few hours. I hear diaper rashes are super uncomfortable. Call me for some humiliation Phone Sex!



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