December 9, 2007
My Brother's Secret
December 11, 2007
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My new dress

I just got my new dress from mommy last night. We are going to go get our pictures this weekend. My sissy sister got one that matches mine. I have wanted a red velvet christmas dress for-like-ever, at least *giggles*. Ooooh it’s so pretty. It is trimmed in lace and has a big bow on the back and my mommy got me a crinoline to put under it so my skirt will be all poofy. And I got some new shiny mary janes with white knee socks. I got to try on my dress last night but I can’t get all dressed up til Saturday. I CAN”T WAIT!!!! heehee. I love dressing up. And mommy says I get to dress up sissy. And do her hair and stuff. YAY!

Little Janey

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