October 24, 2021

Become A Sassy Sissy

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October 18, 2021

Granny Minnie’s Sticky Sissy

I am Granny Minnie and I used to be the nanny for little Winnie.  Little Winnie has a little ittie bittie clitty and she likes to dress up inside of it with a little diapie.  There are so many choices for her to choose from and it runs the gamut of what she will wear for the day. To decide what will be worn there would be a plethora of diapers to choose from.  Sometimes it would be cloth diapers that were white and then other times it would be disposable diapers of varying colors followed by plastic pants.  Nothing would be complete, however until she got dressed up in her fancy sissy skirt with her diapee underneath. I love the way that she looks inside of it and she knows that she looks so adorable.  My little diapee sissy princess knows how to dress to make sure that she is ready for all of the boys on the block.  It is important that she knows to be a good sissy for me, her Granny Minnie and also for the boys on the block who want to use her as a bucket to dump their cum.  She is ready for them to shoot their jizzum all over her throat and as one sucks down a strong tonic, this is exactly what she will do.  She will suck from Peter and she will suck from Paul; then she would suck from Johnathan and then from McCall.  She would happily ingest the penile milk of Terry and of Sam and she won’t forget to lick Jimmy, Jonas and then Abrahm. I have such a good sissy who knows how to use her mouth.  She takes so much cock inside of it and squishes the cum around her mouth.  The cum would be her medicine and she will drink it so well, she really knows how to take it down raw and she loves it so much that you can tell. And after all of the sucking has concluded, her diapees would be soaked with so much inside of it.  At times it would be pee and sometimes shit and other times cummies would be included inside of it.  Depending on what I want to do, if she is naughty which sometimes he would do, I would open up her diapee and have her take something out and then I would make him squish it all around in his mouth. I love my sissy who is also a whore, she take so much cock in her pussy and also in her throat. This is what a sissy is supposed to be, a person who can dress and look sassy but also avail herself for all the cocks in the vicinity. Do you enjoy how my sissy gets to be and want to also try it out yourself and see, then hesitate no longer and call me so we can play and have a happy time with me dressing you all up in your pretty diapee.  I can be reached at 888-430-2010. Granny Minnie 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #abdl #sissy #abdlsissy #abdlfantasy #sissydress #sissydressup #adultbaby #dominantmommy  #phoneamommy #phonesex #dommymommy #ageplay
September 19, 2021

ABDL Baby Katie Entertains Herself With Dwarf Porn

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Discovering Your Diaper Sissy Side: A Fun and Open-Minded Adventure

In today’s world, we’re all about embracing who we are and celebrating our unique interests. One growing community that does just that is the diaper sissy crowd. Combining age regression with a touch of cross-dressing, this community offers a fun and non-judgmental space for adults to explore their desires. So let’s dive into the bright side of being a diaper sissy, the cool stuff you can do and wear, and how you can start your own journey into this exciting lifestyle.

The Cool Side of Being a Diaper Sissy
First things first, there’s nothing wrong or harmful about being a diaper sissy. It’s all about adults exploring their interests and having fun, with absolutely no connection to children. Age regression is the focus here, providing a way for people to relax and discover more about themselves.
a. Stress Relief and Age Regression:  When life gets tough, sometimes we wish we could just go back to the good old days. Age regression lets you do just that, giving you a chance to mentally step back into a time when you felt safe and secure. Being a diaper sissy can offer that sense of comfort and help you deal with the stress of adult life.
b. Loving Your Body and Expressing Yourself:  The diaper sissy community is all about body positivity and letting your true colors shine. Dressing up and expressing yourself in a way that feels right to you can be super empowering, especially if you’ve struggled with self-image or societal pressure.
c. Finding Your Tribe: When you join the diaper sissy community, you’ll find a bunch of awesome people who share your interests and accept you just as you are. That kind of support and friendship can do wonders for your mental health and overall happiness.

Fun Stuff for Diaper Sissies to Do and Wear
There’s a whole world of fun activities and outfits for diaper sissies to enjoy.
a. Dressing Up: Being a diaper sissy means getting to wear whatever makes you feel fabulous. That might be diapers, frilly dresses, onesies, or other cute and girly clothes. Mix and match to create your perfect look.
b. Role-Playing: Role-playing is a big part of the diaper sissy lifestyle. You can create scenarios that let you explore your sissy side and enjoy age regression. Play with toys, color, watch cartoons, or just chat in a childlike voice – whatever floats your boat!
c. Going to Social Events: There are tons of social events and get-togethers for diaper sissies to connect and have fun. You might find themed parties, picnics, or even special vacations designed just for you and your new friends.
d. Getting Creative: Lots of diaper sissies love doing creative stuff like crafting, sewing, or writing. It’s a great way to explore your interests and express your unique identity.

How to Start Your Diaper Sissy Adventure
If you’re curious about becoming a diaper sissy, here’s how you can start your journey.
a. Do Your Homework and Reflect: Before diving in, take some time to learn about the diaper sissy community and think about what you want to get out of it. This will help you figure out if it’s the right path for you.
b. Look for Resources and Support: Once you’re ready to give it a go, start looking for resources and support. Online forums, social media groups, and blogs are great places to find like-minded people, ask questions, and share your thoughts. You might also find local groups or meetups in your area.
c. Try Out Different Clothes and Activities: As you get more comfortable with the idea of being a diaper sissy, start experimenting with clothes and activities that feel right to you. This might involve shopping for outfits, accessories, or toys that help you express your inner sissy. Remember, there’s no one “right” way to be a diaper sissy – it’s all about what makes you happy and fulfilled.
d. Connect with the Community: Once you’ve started exploring the diaper sissy lifestyle, it’s important to connect with others who share your interests. This will give you a sense of belonging, support, and friendship. Go to social events, join online discussions, or even think about creating your own content to share with others on your diaper sissy journey.

Being a diaper sissy can be a blast, offering a fun and open-minded way to discover more about yourself and enjoy life. By focusing on age regression, self-expression, and building a strong community, you can find freedom, acceptance, and happiness in this unique lifestyle. The diaper sissy world isn’t harmful or wrong; it’s all about adults exploring their interests in a safe and supportive space. If you’re curious about becoming a diaper sissy, take the time to learn, reflect, and connect with others in the community – you might just find the perfect way to let your true self shine and live life to the fullest.