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January 30, 2008
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January 30, 2008
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My Brother's Secret pt 2

   The next day Megan showed up at school. She kept bugging me all day. She wanted to know what was so important that she had to come over after school. She still wasn’t feeling well, but the only way her parents would let her come over is if she went to school. “Don’t worry” I tell her, “you will feel much better when you see the suprise I have for you”. She was on pins and needles all day, just waiting.

    On the walk home from school, I brought up my brother. Just a little reminder to Megan how much he annoyed her. Not that she needed reminding, he has had a crush on her since he was in grade school. Whenever she comes over he follows her around. When he was younger all he would do was sit by her and ask her a million questions. As he got older and closer to puberty he started doing things like trying to peek down her shirt. Now he picks at her constantly, pulls her hair and pinches her. The other day, he actually tried to lift up her skirt thinking she wouldn’t notice.

   When we got to my house, my brother was there. Although he was not dressed up like I asked him to. I walk into the house with Megan following closely. “What’s up Josh, I thought I asked you to be ready” I say to him. He laughs uneasily and looks back at Megan. “I didn’t really think you were serious” he says. I look him dead in the eye, “oh I am serious alright”. Megan steps in between us “What is going on?” she looks at Josh and then back at me. “Well Megan, it’s time for a little pay back”, I look my brother directly in the eye again and I firmly remind him of what I told him earlier. I had every intention of sending that picture of him in my dress to everyone at school that I could find a e-mail address for, teachers included. And mom and dad. He knew I was serious. He started to plead with me but I wasn’t having it. Megan just stared at us puzzled.

   After a bit more pleading Josh knew he was cornered. He had no other choice. I made Megan promise him that what we were about to do would not get out to anyone unless Josh chose not to comply with our orders. So long as he did what we said, his secret was safe with us. I briefly explained to Megan what had happened the day before when I got home form school. At first she did not believe me. Then I showed her the proof. She dashed into his room and got on her knees beside his bed. She reached underneath and pulled out his package of diapers. She looked at me with a slighty evil glint in her eyes. She brought the diapers into my room where Josh sat shyly on the bed. She walked over to Josh and demanded that he strip. I excused myself from the room and listened outside the door while my best friend diapered my brother. All the time she chided and teased him.

   When she was all done diapering him, I walked back into the room. Josh looked up at me, pleading silently. I just laughed. Megan asked me what we should do next. I told her we could do anything she wanted. It was up to her, being that she was the one he had picked at and annoyed all these years. So she went over to my closet and picked out the girliest, frilliest dress in the bunch. It would have been better if it was pink but with all these ruffles and frills who could pass it up.

   The dress Megan picked was too small for me now. but josh was always skinny and had a small frame so it fit him perfectly. Megan had him lift his arms in the air and she pulled the dress down over his head. It was a pale yellow color. Trimmed in white lace at the neck and around the end of the sleeves. It was also trimmed in lace around the skirt which was made for a petticoat. With Josh’s long legs the skirt was very short. I pulled out the petticoat, also trimmed with lace, and Megan had him step into it. It was absolutely perfect. The dress and petticoat were short enough that his diaper peeked out from underneath. Megan spun him around and tied the sash into a big bow. I handed her some white knee socks to put on his feet and I pulled out my black mary janes. they were a little bit too small for his big clumsy feet, but they still fit. Next Megan applied some lip gloss and finished up with a yellow  with a yellow bow on it. She put the bow on the right side, clipping it firmly to his hair.

   Josh stood there in front of us. In all his sissy glory, glaring at us. Megan looked at me and smiled. I handed her my dads video camera. She made him put on a big smile for the camera and do a little cursty. Then I took over the camera and she put Josh over her knee and pulled down his diaper. She gave him a good spanking with her bare hand. I got a good close up of his bright red rear end. After we were done I uploaded the video onto my computer,  password protected. Josh ran into his room, red faced and locked the door.

   Megan and I looked at each other. She was not the only one of my friends that Josh had tormented. And we both knew as we stood there in my room, that his secret was going to get out to just a few more people.

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