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December 11, 2007
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December 11, 2007
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My Brother's Secret

    Usually after school I go to my friends house to hang out til mom and dad get home from work. But Megan stayed home sick today and I didn’t want to get it so I headed home. I walked in the door and threw my book bag down by the couch. I went into the kitchen to fix myself snack, then I headed back to plop down on the couch and veg out in front of the t.v.

   When I stepped into the living room, I heard a noise from upstairs. No one else should be home yet. Mom and dad both went into work and my brother has an after school job too. I went upstairs and heard some rustling and it was coming from my room! I stepped into my brothers room, geez what a mess, and grabbed his baseball bat. As I was easing out of the room to surprise the intruder in mine, something caught my eye. Peeking out from under my brothers bed, is that a bag of diapers? No time for examining that now, but I will surely investigate further once I find out who’s in my room. I ease out of the room and down the hallway. I get to my bedroom door. It is slightly ajar. I try to peek in but whoever is in there is on the other side of the room. And is that singing I hear? It sounds like a girl, I think. Maybe one of my friends let themselves in. Well whoever it is will be sorry, heehee.

   I kick open the door and run in screaming. The bat held out in front of me ready to strike, or at least to scare the hell out of someone. Someone is in a pink dress. MY pink dress. She freezes, she is turned away from me. This doesn’t look like any of my friends. What the heck is going on? “Turn around now” I scream. She turns around, only it’s not a she. It’s my brother and he’s wearing my pink dress. The one with all the frills and the big bow in the back. And not only that, he has on pink shoes to match, which are not mine as they fit his big feet. “OMG, WHAT are you doing?” He looks up at me sheepishly, he has tears in his eyes. “Don’t tell mom and dad, please, don’t tell anyone” I laugh, I have an idea. “Oh I won’t tell mom and dad, but as for not telling anyone else dear brother, well that’s up to you”

   I walk across the room, I grab the hairbrush and push him down in front of my vanity table. I gently start to brush the long blonde wig he has on. He whimpers. “Ssshh it’s going to be just fine, why don’t you start by telling me how long you have been sneaking around wearing my clothes” He looks up at me, he’s terrified. “Not long, only a couple of months, it just feels so good” I turn him toward me and grab my lip gloss and gently apply it to his quivering lips. “What are you gonna do to me sis” he tries to get up, I shove him back down. “Don’t worry, we are just gonna have a little fun and if you don’t do what I say, I’m gonna tell everyone” He gets up out of the chair and rips the wig from his head. “They would never believe you”.

   I follow him into his room grabbing my digital camera off the dresser without him noticing. When I get into his room I quickly snap a picture of him as he is trying to get the dress off. And it’s just my luck that I am able to get the package of diapers in the shot too. I run to my room, shut and lock the door as he runs after me. He pounds on the door. I quickly plug my camera into the computer and upload the pic. Oh, it’s awesome, so clearly you can see the diapers under the bed and my brothers face so red as he is trying to remove my dress. I pick up the phone and call Megan. “Look I know your not feeling well but if your better by tomorrow you gotta come to my house after school”.

   I hang up with her and open the door holding the digi where my brother can see the image of himself. I have uploaded this to my pc and only I have the password to get to it. He looks at me in shock, he is speechless. “Be here after school tomorrow, all dressed and ready to play”. He stammers, I place my finger to his lips to quiet him. “If your not, well then that picture goes out to the whole school…and mom and dad”

to be continued…


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