Dirty Diaper
July 19, 2013
Can’t make it without a diaper accident?
July 22, 2013

TinkyBoi (2)

Oh my! It smells like somebody has made a stinky mess in his diapy! Come here and let Mommy check, my sweet little ABy. Never mind all the other people in this busy park, Mommy will have to change your ‘tinky pants right here.

I spread a soft blankie on the grass and lay you down. Kneeling between your feet, I pull the diaper bag close and get all the changing supplies set out. You stare up, wide eyed, at all the people milling around us and I can see you starting to blush. So many people in this busy park today! See how so many of them stop to look at Mommy’s sweet ABy? See how they smile and whisper to each other?

I bet they can’t believe their luck at getting to see such a darling little fella get his diaper changed.

I wonder if someone would like to help me? Would you like Mommy to ask someone to help with this diaper change? Are you enjoying the growing crowd that is standing around?

Mommy’s little darling is a show off!

Mommy Sara

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