A full belly and an empty diaper…
August 28, 2011
hypno diaper boy
August 30, 2011
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Mommy’s playtime

You’ve had your fun, my adorable abie! Now it’s my turn to play!

I’m going to run my hands down my beautiful curves and savor every moment as I feel my smooth, soft skin. You can watch if you want. If you’re good, I might even give you permission to rub yourself over your adult diaper!

As I move my hands down toward my moist mound, your breath starts getting heavier. Round and round, my delicate fingers move, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I start to moan, louder and louder, my body undulating with each wave, growing more and more intense as I soar toward the edge.

You can’t take it any more, can you, my lusty little thing! You’d give anything for a good, sweaty mommy fuck right now, wouldn’t you!

Not so fast, sweetie! You’re going to stay right there!

And if you’re good, I might let you smell my panties!

Mommy Crissy, 1*888*430*2010

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