Standing for the picture session is a gorgeous and seductive woman wearing a white attire.
Pegging Bitch Chapter Two
November 16, 2015
A Hot and Sexy Lady is standing on the floor, exposing her sexy boobs and wearing bikini drees.
What Is An ABDL?
November 16, 2015


You arrive at my door on a standard repair call.  I open it and at once I knew.  I knew it was you I was looking for.  I let you in and show you where the leaking pipe is.  I leave and then return with a bottle of water for you, to quench your thirst as you work.  You are appreciative, and I see you looking me up and down with a lustful look in your eye.  How could you not?  I’m beautiful, nice firm, tight body, killer tits and an ass that won’t quit.  I watch as you drink the water I gave you, yes that’s it, drink it all up.  There is an audible thud as you crumple to the ground.  When you wake up, you are confused.  You are now in an over sized nursery, with your arms and legs strapped down.  You then notice you are wearing a diaper.  Your gut reaction is to scream for help.  Silly baby, no one will hear you except me.  I come into the room and start cooing over you as you scream to free you.  I sush you, but it doesn’t work.  Babies who can’t be quiet will be forced to be quiet.  I get your special pacifier, the one that buckles around your head, and put it on you.  Now it’s just muffled noise and you give up.  I ask you to lift your bottom so that I can change you, and you shake your head.  Well babies who do not follow Mommy’s orders will be punished.  A squeeze to your balls is all it takes.  Your bottom comes up, I quickly slide a new diaper under you after removing the first.  I then insert a laxative pill into your ass before I secure the diaper. Mommy’s always wanted her very own man-baby and you’re the lucky one who was chosen.  You will learn to love it.


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