Experienced Mommy Phone Sex
October 11, 2013
Halloween Fun
October 14, 2013
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mommy milk diapersex


After mommy get’s out of the bathtub she
towel’s off the big boobie’s and she slips he robe on.
I tried to tell mommy I like seeing her with no robe.
Mommy does not listen tho she leave’s her robe open so I can see her milky tit’s.

Ooh I reach out and grab a big pink nipple and suckle it mmmMmm Mommy milk is so yummy!
After all the suckling mommy like’s to nuzzle me when we lay down and touch each other all over.
I really like mommy’s leg’s they spread wide for me when I tickle her with my tongue!
Thank you Ronny for that nice note you wrote me mommy love’s you!



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