December 17, 2012
A Gift to Myself
December 22, 2012
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Misbehaving sissy


I’m Mistress mommy  Veronika, and don’t worry about remembering my name..I’ll probably gag you so you will not mis-behave & say the wrong one.  You pathetic sissy boy toy  I can just about imagine what you are doing right now giving your self a nice rough coffee enema. You got your diaper around your ankles , on all fours moaning and groaning from the feel of being cleaned of all your filth.   Stinky little bag of filth is all you are clutching your knees like that, good thing you have all the newspaper around you so you do not mess all over the floor. Mistress may have to spank you with a rolled up newspaper for all the trouble you have caused. Bad dog!!!!!!!!




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