December 16, 2012
Misbehaving sissy
December 17, 2012

diaperslut has a way of trying to weasel his way out of things he is made to do.

He has a big messy diaper on that he expects me to change right away I tell him and tell him

you gotta wait til I am done with my work then I will make it all clean.

He gives me a very big fuss about the whole thing, throwing himself down and stomping his feet

whining how bad it smells and if I was a really good mommy that loved him lots I would make it better

right now. I do not have any sympathy for that big diaper slut he messed himself so he can stay in it till I am good & ready to take his stinky diaper off of him.

He will go on & on till he tires himself out.

Vicious Mistress Mommy V



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