January 25, 2008
Story time
January 30, 2008
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lessons and lovins

I do love being a teacher but after a long day at work
I really look forward to getting some one on one time
to play with my babies. I love to tickle them, and
snuggle, and change their wet and messy diapies, and
everything imaginable that goes along with being a baby.
I have special games of hide and seek, tickle monster, top model,
and more to delight and stimulate my babies, and when you’re all
tuckered out and ready for sleepy bye, Mommy will put you in a warm
soft diaper, feed you at my breast, and sing you a sweet sweet lullabye.
So whether you’re looking for lessons with your teacher or special cuddles
and play with Mommy… I want to hear from you.

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