Buttercups and Daisies
June 28, 2010
mommy locks you up
June 30, 2010

I so love the summer time, getting outside and doing all those fun things you always enjoyed as a kid and I always take advantage of sunny days to do it all over again, swim, ride bikes, roller skate, play basketball / shoot baskets, run through the sprinkler, jump rope, blow bubbles, make art on the front walkway with sidewalk chalk, play catch, play Frisbee, build a fort in the backyard, chase butterflies or fireflies, run relay races, egg toss, feed the birds or squirrels. play in the sandbox, play flashlight tag, play Kickball, play hide-and-seek, find shapes in the clouds, play hopscotch, play jacks, play tag, three legged races, and hula hoop! Join mommy for some outdoor Fun in the Sun!

Mommy Lauren
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