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January 31, 2014
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February 4, 2014
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How I Adore My Sissy Aby's


Nothing sweeter than seeing one of my Aby’s dressed up in frilly dresses. Have you ever wonder what it may be like to wear something so pretty? Pretty enough that mommy has to take a picture and show you off. Come with me in to my “Secret” closet where mommy has ton’s of frilly dress to plain dresses. There you will find endless “Sissy” outfits you can choose from.

So why wait? When you can be the “Sissy Aby” you’ve always dreamed off. Spend a day with Mommy Lauren where I will pamper you and make you one of my beautiful “Sissy Aby’s.” One day with me is a bliss of ecstasy. A joyful experience yet unforgettable you’ll be wanting more. Come now lets play, join mommy in her “Secret” closet where there you will find everything a “Sissy Aby” has ever wanted.

Nothing pleases me more than to transform my little boys into one of my very own “Sissy Aby’s” it is a forte of mine to ensure your pleased and pleasured. Don’t forget once you become one of my Aby’s you’ll never want to turn back. A day with me is all you need, to be pleased and transformed to the pretty little girl you have always wanted to be.

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