sissy boy Ginger
October 7, 2011
Like big butts?
October 8, 2011

I walked out into the night,
Frightened by the moonlit sky
I broached the neighbor’s lawn with care
I heard the babies cry inside
Quickly up the drive I ran
Knowing they needed a helping hand
The door swung open before I knocked
Swiftly they shooed me in
My sitting job was to begin
Dirty diapers all around
Babies making baby sounds
The sent of poop filled the room
Dirty diapers would be my doom
The lights started flickering
The mothers waved goodbye
I panic as I scanned the room
Babies here babies there
Too many to count too many to care
Diapers diapers filling up
As I began to change
One diaper then another
I scream for their mothers
Help help I cant take no more
Dirty diapers covered the floor
A chill ran down my spine
As the echo’s of children filled the streets
House to house in search of treats
I plugged my nose and clamped my ears
More rug rats are what I fear!
In the crib you all shall go
Take your bottles and off to sleep
Lock the doors and dim the lights
Mommies will soon be home
I shiver as I text a friend
Waiting for this night end
Babysitting what a chore
Spooky night that’s for sure
I hear a car approach the drive
Oh, thank heaven the mommies have arrived
In they came and out they went
Thanking me again and again!

Mixing it up w/ Mandy
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