diaper punishment
June 29, 2011
Mischief Maker
July 1, 2011


Sweet!  The Fourth is finally here, can you believe it?  Summer is officially in full swing now.  Time for good food, good people and good times.  I personally love fill a giant tub of water grenades and just put them out without saying a word; then seeing how long it takes for someone (who usually is three sheets to the wind) to discover them and plan their ambush on some unsuspecting soul, hehe.  I wonder…how many water grenades does it take to soak an AB’s diaper, hehehe? Ah yes…good times…good times.  Well anyways, hope everyone have a wonderful Fourth and has some “good times” as well!


Your AB Mommy Maggie

Keeper of the bag of thick crinkly adult diapers


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