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January 5, 2013
Lap Time
January 5, 2013

It never surprises me how many people really enjoy the diaper fetish. There is something so naturally wonderful about changing someone in diapers. It is just a hot process where we can totally connect and I love how turned on you get from all the processes. It is so much more than just wearing them and I can always spot someone who is into the lifestyle because they revel in every step, every nuance. You know that, my diaper lover. You know the first time you ever bought diapers. You know how you feel when you wear a diaper out in public or go to the store to stock up to fulfill those diaper fetish needs you have. You love the rush and that nervous feeling but also being so turned on. Kinda like when you bought your first condoms but much dirtier and a much bigger rush.

Mommy Gina


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