A Grinchy Kind of Christmas
December 15, 2012
December 16, 2012
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Christmas Dress

Pin Up Xmas


I love getting dressed up really pretty all the time, but Christmas time is the best for dressing up because everything is all sparkly! This year for our Christmas party, Daddy’s letting me go all out. I got special red diapers and a pretty Christmas diaper cover. It has little bows and it even says “Cali” in shiny red and green sequins!!

But the diaper is just the start! I’m gonna wear white tights that have sparkles in them, and then over that I’m gonna wear a silky white slip and then, the very best part! A bright red sparkly dress with a big skirt and a furry white collar, just like Santa! Yesterday Daddy bought me a pair of glittery red maryjanes to match my dress.

It’s a good thing that I have a whole Christmas outfit ready, because Daddy says we’re gonna be really busy! We’re gonna visit friends, and I get to invite lots of ABy friends over to play and give presents to. Aaand if I’m a good girl, I’m gonna get lots of presents too!! Hehehe and let’s be honest, Daddy is such a pushover, even if I’m not a good girl I’m gonna get lots of presents this Christmas!!

kissies, Cali


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