Jump on in
July 25, 2010
Come to the Party
July 28, 2010

skinned kneeSkinned knees,
climbing trees,
forts of sheets,
sugary sweets,
taking peeks,
Spaghetti O’s,
pants with holes,
summer nights,
pillow fights,
Christmas trees,
play in leaves,
eating dirt,
dirty shirt,
monkey bars,
shooting stars,
bright balloons,
school bell rings,
choir sings,
taking tests,
try my best,
friends fight,
summer nights,
friends play,
summer day,
snow fort,
life’s short,
part of me,
will not forget,
will not regret,
worth more than gold,
a treasure to hold,
thank God for these,
Childhood Memories.
© Ellen M. DuBois

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