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September 30, 2013
bad little abie
October 7, 2013

bathtime fun with maggie

There is nothing like ending a long and busy day with a warm soothing bath, complete with bubbles and a rubber ducky and all your favorite bath toys.  You always feel better once you slip into the warm water, being able to play and splash and giggle, getting not only yourself completely wet, but me as well in the process! 


But then it’s time to get you clean as I grab the sponge mitt and the soap, lathering you up, making sure to get all you little bits clean once again.  Then it’s on to your hair – I lather your hair and make funny shapes with the shampoo, then gently lean you back so I could rinse all the bubbles out of your hair, making sure not to get a single drop of suds in your eyes. 


A warm fluffy towel would be next to snuggle around you, drying you completely, then and a heavy dousing of sweet smelling baby powder, followed by a diapering and freshly laundered jammies to keep you safe and warm throughout the night.


Yes, there is nothing like bath time at the end of a busy day.


Mommy Maggy


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