Holiday Tunes!
November 19, 2012
Happy Holiday
November 20, 2012

Bad abie, you sure know how to misbehave taking your bottle & squirting it all over that horny mommy!

I think you need some harsh punishment ,if you are lucky maybe that milk drenched lady will put you over her knee and spank you good and hard.

Bet you would really like that getting closer to that lady.

She could take you home and change your messy diapers.

take you to shop for new abie clothes and she could buy you all the rattles,toy animals and

teddy bears you could ever want.  Instead you are stuck with your strict dommy mommy that

just gives you all the not so fun attention. modifying all the bad behavior with tough rules even tougher

consequences. Guess you can close your eyes to day dream about her.

Mistress Veronika



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