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February 6, 2008
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February 7, 2008
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Baby Lisa's adventure

~Dedicated to a playmate of mine~

I was home visiting on break from college. It was saturday afternoon and I had the house all to myself. My parents were visiting friends and would be gone til late tonight. My little brother, Sean, was at his best friends house and would proably end up spending the night.

I settled down on the couch with my laptop to email some of my old highschool girlfriends. Home for the next two weeks I was ready to go out and let loose with the girls. Just as I had finished emailing Mandy there was a knock at the door.

It was John, the kid from next door. He goes to the same highschool as my brother and they hang out alot playing video games for hours up in my brothers room. I told him Sean was gone, proably for the night. He asked if he could go up to my brothers room to grab a game he had left here the night before. I let him in and told him to go on up and to just let himself out after he found the game.

I went back to emailing the rest of my friends. Twenty minutes had passed before I realized that I never heard John let himself out and it was awfully quiet upstairs. I snuck upstairs to see what he was up to. I peeked in Seans room but John wasn’t in there. That’s when I heard it, a soft rustling. And it was coming from my room! What was that kid doing!? I tiptoed over to my door and threw it open. There was John, holding a pair of my underware, fondling them! “What the hell do you think you are doing!” I shouted. I must have scared him good, because a large wet spot appeared on the front of his jeans. “I, I’m ss… sorry” he stammered. “Oh you like to play with girls panties huh, looks like you need a diaper to me” I smirked.

He threw the panties down and tried to dart past me. I stepped in front of the door. “Oh no you don’t. I think you need to be taught a lesson about snooping in a ladies panty drawer” I said. “No, no, it will never happen again” he looked as if he might cry. “Your darn right it won’t, If you don’t do what I say… I am gonna tell everyone what you were doing” I smiled a devious little smile at him. “What are you gonna do to me?” he asked. “Oh, we are gonna have a little bit of fun this afternoon Johnny boy”

**Stay tuned to Lacys fantasy channel for the next installment of this wonderful adventure of a boys forced sissfication adventure.

~your fantasy playmate, Lacy

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