Adult Baby Phone Sex
January 9, 2014
Take Your Medicine
January 17, 2014
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adult baby nursing titty's



You are such a  big ab aren’t you? 

Like suckling titty while you play with you fat little toe’s,

Mistress mommy know’s what you need what thrill’s you.

Your diaper is very thick did you already wet ?

Such a messy little shit!

Mommy has so much work to do and then you pile on a dirty diaper 

what is wrong with playing quietly while I finish my tv show?

Here we go now you will sit quietly as I get your diaper and wipes and 

powder ,lay back and be still. Down come’s that messy stinky thing.

Wiping your pee-pee and your pink asshole,

powdering you and slipping your diaper on feel better?




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