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November 12, 2012
Dommy Mommy
November 15, 2012

You will eat what I tell you to eat….or else…


When I have an adult baby under my care, I like to make him sit in his high chair with no shirt, no shoes or booties, with just a diaper and a bib on…

No talking little one – if you behave yourself and be a good Abie and do as you are told, than your AB/DL Mommy will make you something yummy to eat – mashed bananas, blueberry cobbler, and maybe some pudding… would you like that?  I will spoon feed every delicious morsel, playing little airplane and train games, swooping towards you mouth and making feeding time a joyful time.

But if you are naughty with back talking and defiant attitudes, then you might very well get something yucky and nasty that you will be made to keep down.  Perhaps I will clean out the leftovers from the frig and throw it all in the blender for you – pork chops, spinach, macaroni and cheese, and maybe a little hot sauce to give it some flavor.  Then once I have shoved every last putrid-smelling crumb into that mouth of yours, I might just have to duct tape your mouth shut so it doesn’t come back up again.

So the choice is yours my little ones – be my compliant young man and get a sweet mommy that will feed you yummy sweets and maybe something extra special; or be a naughty adult baby and suffer the consequences – the type of adult baby feeding is entirely up to you.

…but make no mistake, you will eat exactly what tell you to…



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