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March 18, 2012
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March 22, 2012

Ahh, spring time – such a wonderful time of the year.  The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and everything is once again anew.   And with spring time comes Easter – so many preparations to make.  There are eggs to color, Easter dresses to shop for (oh yes, sissies, you will be going to the department store with mommy to try on dresses for Easter), the planning of the annual Easter egg hunt, and of course Easter baskets to stuff.

Now chocolates and sweets are all good and fine, but too much is not good for my little adult baby’s stomach, not to mention those sissies who are watching their waist line, hehe.

So to that endeavor, I’ve come up with my top-ten list of non-sweet treats to go in an Abie’s Easter basket:


1)          Diapers – well of course! Every adult baby needs diapers, don’t they!

2)          Plastic panties – some new plastic panties in spring colors and prints are always a good item

3)          Pacis – one can never have enough nukis, now can they.

4)          Onsies – with the warmer weather coming, all little ones need a few more onsies to frolic and play in the sun

5)          Plushie – who can have enough soft cuddly friends?

6)          Coloring book/crayons – a classic, tried and true (who doesn’t like to color? Plus it is a quiet activity to occupy a little one while trying to get some things done)

7)          A new bottle/sippy cup – now we mommies know you can never have enough bottles and sippy cups, can we?  They always have the cutest Easter printed items for the holiday

8)          Bubbles – an assortment of bubbles and bubble wands is a staple to mark the warmer weather and outside fun

9)          Hot wheels for baby boys/ Hair barrettes and bows for those pretty sissies

10)     A new bed time storybook – always a special quiet time for mommy and her little one to share together


So there you have it – my top ten non-sweet treats for adult babies and sissies alike to enjoy in their Easter basket.



Mommy Maggie


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