Phone Sex with Jenna
April 17, 2011
Aby games
April 18, 2011

Don’t you just love advice from people who aren’t qualified to be giving it? Then what’s even worse than that is when someone doesn’t have the nerve to give advice to you, but they are willing to tell others how wrong you are doing. People who do that need their tushies spanked by a spanking babysitter. I just wonder where we could find one of those? Hehe. What happened though to get me in the mood to spank some booties is that an ab I was babysitting told me he knew better than I did how to handle things. Yeah baby, that’s why I’m the one here to change your diapers. Sometimes babies just need a quick reminder that their babysitter is in charge. This called for a spanking over my lap until his eyes filled with tears. After we got that established he was all yes Miss Samantha. Hehehe it was a total change I tell you. You know what though? That needed to be established for him as an ab and for me as a sitter. Now he’s already asked me to babysit for him again and I am more than happy to. Don’t doubt your babysitter, just saying.

AB Sitter Samantha

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