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July 8, 2013
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July 14, 2013

day at the beach with mommy maggy

I love the summer months for one main reason – the beach.  I’m a water baby so I always look forward to spending time at the beach, and Mommy has several new bikinis to wear!  And just like me, my sweet Abie just loves to spend the day at the beach as well.  I make sure that I pack his little swimmers diapers, along with lots of toys to play in the sand with.  Now of course I’m careful to rub plenty of sun block on his delicate skin, and reapply often, especially when I’m changing his diaper or lil’ swimmer (don’t want any of Abies parts to get burned, now do we?). 


Yes, there’s nothing like spending the day at the beach with my special little one!


Mommy Maggie


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