October 22, 2009
Happy Halloween!
October 25, 2009

Gather round my phone a mommy friend’s, I have a tale to tell.
About a journey we shall make, if you are so compelled. Listen
up and follow me, deep into the woods, now don’t be frightened
my friend, my pal, for Mommy Sara will be your guide. Just hold
my hand, tightly now, keeping close at Mommies side. Quickly,
let us follow the trail up around the bend, past the brook, down the
hill to where the gravel ends. Slowly, the next jaunt will be steep,
Shhhhhhh…… danger is lurking, we mustn’t make a peep, over
the bridge is where we must go, where the dwarfed trolls they dwell,
their faces are most obscured, but they hear very very well. Hurry!
Hurry! No time to waist, keep on the path and do not stray. There up
ahead! The fountain awaits. Do not fret my little princes’, I assure
you no one is spying, so strip on down, off with those britches, I
promise it’s positively purifying! Hop on in, the waters fine, it will
wilt you back to infant size, you will slowly regress with no thought
of why. Dunk down, my dearest, into the water; bask in its warmth
and unusual treasures. That’s it my little ones splash around, it’s
time to have fun, growing younger with every drop, for my deed is
almost done. Your body dwindles, your memories fade, in my arms,
my babies lay, I coddle you with motherly kisses and rush you back
home to further my wishes.

Mommy Sara
1 888 430 2010

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