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February 7, 2014
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February 11, 2014
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Naughty Spankings


Nothing excites me more than to give spankings. Depending on how well you have been will depend on what kind of spanking mommy will give you. So tell me, have you been good or have you been pure naughty? If you have been well behaved mommy has a special treat just for you. You will be able to cuddle with mommy bare skin to skin on mommy’s nice king size bed. But if you have been really naughty, well you will not like what mommy has in mind.

I’ve herd you were bad all week in school? Is that true? So it is then… Well now I guess I have no choice but to give you one hell of a blistering ass for misbehaving. That’s right come over here right now and bend over on mommy’s lap. I brought my hand whip with me, good thing I bought this just for you huh? Well whats the matter your face is turning all red. I guess your embarrassed that mommy is enjoying giving you spankings in front of all your classmates. Stop begging for mercy it will not do you any good, just take it like the sissy baby you are.

Now I told you before if you were well behaved you would have been rewarded, but since you have been so disobedient. This is the kind of spankings you get, maybe next time you will think twice before misbehaving… FYI if you stayed well behaved mommy had sweet treats just for the two of us, too bad it got spoiled with naughty spankings.

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