You know who’s in charge.
January 20, 2014
adult baby punishment
January 21, 2014


Have you ever wonder what it would be like, to spend time with Mommy Lauren at the pool? There is nothing sweeter than Mommy Lauren spending sensual quality time with her Aby on a such beautiful day. Don’t you agree?

Have you ever noticed mommy’s luxurious body, in that sexy red G-String swim suite? I bet you get aroused when you see Mommy Lauren soaking wet, don’t you? Don’t act like I never noticed you admiring my huge breast. I can tell in your eyes you just want to crawl on mommy’s lap and just latch on. Sucking all of mommy’s warm milk. I bet you even thought of mommy on top of you, haven’t you? Hmm, yes that is a fantastic Idea. I bet you would love mommy to bounce on your hard pee-pee, don’t you?

Oh… yes… that sounds absolutely amazing.. I bet you’d love mommy bouncing on your hard pee-pee moving my hips just like the exotic dancers I catch you watching on TV. Oh yes honey I knew all along, how you admire ladies that can move their bodacious hips. Just imagine how mommy will rock your world. Just think once you explode, mommy will lick all of it up and give you a taste. Can’t get enough of mommy? Well too bad, that’s how it is, when you spend “A Day at The Pool” with your loving mommy.

So give Mommy Lauren a call @ 1*888*430*2010

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