Journey to Dream Land
November 30, 2012
December 3, 2012

You have been watching me for awhile. Maybe I work at the corner store or coffee shop. Maybe you have some college classes with me. Whatever the case, you have noticed. You have seen the tell tale bulge under my pants that seem a little too big for my size. And then one day, I come in wearing a skirt that is awfully puffed up in back. Could that be?

You have been dreaming and fantasizing ever since the first day you noticed. And what you don’t realize is I noticed too. I noticed that one day when you got brave enough to wear your diaper under your pants. I noticed because I wear them too. And ever since that first day, I have been wearing mine hoping that you would notice and I am pretty sure you did.

Now it is time to up the ante. I come in wearing a very short skirt. Knowing that I could accidentally expose myself to the wrong person. But that makes it even more exciting. I wonder will you even notice this time? If you do will you even approach me?I plant myself in front of you and blatantly show off my diapered bottom under my very short skirt.

How should we finish out this scenario? I know I can think of a few ways. What about you? Give me a call and let’s see where we can take this.




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