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ABDL Phone Sex With Crissy
February 4, 2017
A Hundred Porno Lady: The lady appeared to be half naked and was dressed in a white attire.
Crissy Likes Beastiality
April 9, 2017

There is my pretty little Birthday Sissy Girl!  Mommy has a lot of things planned for us today! First thing first Before we get ready for your party mommy wants to give you a nice bubble bath in some lavender soap, that way you smell very pretty for your party! After your all done playing in the tub, I want you to come out and go into your room and open your first birthday present that mommy left on your bed. I love watching my little girl open and rip through her present to see what it is.”Look mommy!” she said to me it’s a new pink sissy dress with ruffles and glitter, I know what my baby likes! Time to put this little outfit on and make an enterance at this party! Call me so we can make sure you’re properly invited to this Phone Sex Birthday Party!
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