sissy bitch

sissy bitch sissy bitch sissness zpsf7429187

Sissy BITCH my little pantie waste what do u think u can do for your mistress mommy?

Anything useful like not stealing used panties out of the neighbors trash.

Bad ,naughty Bitch sissy!

What should I do with you making all that noise while you get your strap in training.

Squealing as Mommy plunders your ass pussy.

Do not look at me like that you mis-behave and you get punished that is how it works.

Nowwring the dirty,smelly pissy panties out and wash your face with piss now in front of your pretty boy friend.

Ooh I think you need to wash down all that stinky piss with his juicy cum!


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struggle little diaperslave


struggle little diaperslave struggle little diaperslave diapy zpse1a91ef3Struggle all you want diaper slave.

no on will hear your cries behind that paci gagg,  it is muffled you pathetic little welp!

I get to do what ever I please to you, you can sit and rot in your messy,smelly diaper.

Your sexy mistress can enjoy your suffering from

across the room a safe distance from that wreaking,disgust coming 

from your ass. Dirty diaper sub I have no idea

where I should put you in the abie cage perhaps, with its nice thick bars so 

you can not escape,

or the bdsm slave table with all the restraints.

Do not soil you self more while I am deciding or its the table you will get!



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naughty sissy slut boi


naughty sissy slut boi naughty sissy slut boi sissymaid zps5a76caba

Naughty sissy slut boi 

Look at the mess you just made all over my panties!

Just what the hell were you doing with you hands all over your cock?

Damn you naughty thing what ever will U do with you now?

I have just the punishment method for your little bitty tally whacker locked up tight with a

cock cage. Serves you right for playing with that rotten thing while you were snooping around in my 

Pantie drawer! You are such a slut you think it is a secret that you are a big whore with all the men at your work!


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diapers and bondage


diapers and bondage diapers and bondage mistressklkl

Diapers and bondage

Little baby bunting 

Mommy’s gone hunting 

for some diaper locks with shackles and chains 

to put my naughty baby in.

Mommy saw you looking at the diaper girls with no tops on

Bad boy! You know what happens now 

your punishment is to not be able to touch that dirty little peepee!

Now maybe you will respect your powerful mommy before you 

go around being a little perverted dirty thing!


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Sissy boy training


Sissy boy training Sissy boy training diapersis8 zpsa497d546

 The Sissy boy training start’s  now.

Silly little sissy you do not have any need of big boy clothes, I have great plans for 

all the changes that will forced upon you. 

No going in the toilet that is off limits for you diapers only. 

Look in the mirror as I get you ready for our day.

 Standing in your diaper & panties you feel like you should make a big mess for me to 

clean you up. That would not be wise until I give you permission to do so.

Put on that pretty red lipstick sissy boi I am getting you ready for my guest’s.


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Adult diaper play

Adult diaper play Adult diaper play depends zpsf4ac50b0

I know a horny guy who loves adult diaper play.

He likes it when his mommy mistress puts him in a trance and regresses him back to baby years.

Crawling around on the floor and cooing and gaga-ing over everything he see’s.

What a little abie he is  in his big thick white diapeys.

Always wanting mommies breast milk & saying bahbah poo poo & peepee.

He get’s into Mommie’s room when he is not allowed in there & takes my panties!

What a dirty little adult baby, Then I have to give him a good spanking for being bad!

I make him wear the panties he took and as he is getting his spanking he mess’s in my panties.

What a little stinker!


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Sissybitch dressed in your frilly little dress, don’t you think it is best to impress your mistress?

Maybe if you are lucky you won’t be punished tonight we will see just how obedient you are.

Get on your knees spread them thighs real wide that is right you know what comes next grab your ass cheeks 

and no clenching while I shove this big black dildo in that tender pink hole!

Oh no you don’t quit your whimpering right this minute or I will give you something even harder to deal with.

sissy bitch you wear your pretty pink panties that are crumpled on the floor over there.

They cover that man cunt you have hiding up there.

I can hear you moaning you are getting very good at enjoying your training , who knows next time we could try a live cock if you are still being good that is.sissybitch sissybitch mistressklkl


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abdl sissy sara


side abdl sissy sara abdl sissy sara side



Abdl sissy sara is a total pantyhose slut.

She bends over and gets through strap on training in her soft white stockings.

Giving her a very extensive sissy assignment list I take lots of pride in dominating her body til she 

knows she is utterly owned by me.

Dirty little sissy whore I invited a few friends to watch you get bent over again.

Oh you are such a good slut taking that hugs cock up your butt.

Spread your legs nice and wide for the hard pounding you are gonna take now! 


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Punished petticoat style

petti Punished petticoat style Punished petticoat style petti

Petticoat training never goes over very well with the little bratty subs that end up at my door.

That big,tough man that came to me today ended up in tears,

cause I showed him his attire for the night he was just not willing to accept his fate.

“I can not wear them they are ladies things and I am not a lady”, I gagged him & said”You are right 

you are far from a lady your my little bitch aren’t you?” I pulled his chin up with my crop so he was

finally staring me right in the eyes. He immediately got to his knees and lowered his head like the 

lowly little piece of man trash he is. He started to pull on the panties and garter that were laid out for him.

“Much better, you will learn your place now that your little tantrum is over.” 

You are looking very pretty in that frilly corset and slip.

Now I think you need to come off your knees and over my lap I took my time with him to

be sure he never questioned his Mistress again.

 Mistress V


fax Punished petticoat style Punished petticoat style FLMNetworkSig505bd4b9636b1

Abie new years for diaper slaves

DSC_0004 Abie new years for diaper slaves Abie new years for diaper slaves DSC 0004

Its that time of year again, Abie new years. I bet you think that you are gonna finally get something accomplished 

this year will be so much better than the last. Guess again your so pathetic you will fall right back into your 

very bad habits of never following through with anything & being a lazy boring whore of a diaper slave!

You get your pretty knickers out now and plan for all your dirty deeds you will get yourself suckered into 

for this drunken,debauchery of a holiday. I will look forward to making you eat all the incriminating pictures you 

come back to my dungeon to show me just what went on behind the closed doors of the party you will be dragged too. Who knows I could just send them all to your ugly,mean wife.

We will see just how generous I might feel.

Have a whorey new year you Loser!

Vicious Veronika


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