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June 13, 2013
Getting Ready…
June 17, 2013
Oh no you don't!

Oh no you don’t!

You came home the other day so upset and it just broke my heart! Cuddling you close, I held you on my lap and rocked you while you told me what was wrong. It seems a man who was supposed to be helping you was instead being stubborn, hard to deal with and unprofessional. As you told me the story of how you’d politely asked the man for help, and how he’d acted like he was too good to help you, Mommy showered you with kisses and told you she’d make it all better. I assured you that Mommy would take care of it and oh boy! Did I ever!

The next day, I went to the man’s office. I walked in wearing my short black skirt, red blouse and red high heels. My large red leather bag tossed over my shoulder. My blonde hair cascaded down my back in soft curls. He was speechless at first and didn’t notice that as I came in I locked the door behind me.

“Can I help you”, he asked, while his eyes devoured my cleavage.

With a wicked smile, I glided over to his desk, leaned over (to give him a better view of my firm boobs), grabbed his tie in my hand pulling him toward me and whispered “Oh, Mr. Suit Man, I’m not the one that’s going to be needing help today.”

Mommy made sure he understood what it was to need help…..and not get it

NO ONE messes with Mommy’s ABy!

Mommy Sara

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