Let me Pop your Cork!
December 31, 2009
Nursery Rhymes
January 3, 2010

Winter is upon us, and we will get tired of the cold, snow, and wind. We will get tired of the gray sky, and the small amount of daylight. I know it can be dreary and it seems like it will never end. I myself, likes the cold. I would much rather play in the snow then go to the beach. I do not like summer, it gets so hot here that you cannot breath some days and going outside is just not a pleasant experience. So, during the winter you have to overlook all the things that make you say, “I cannot wait until winter is over!” and take a moment and look around. There is a lot of beauty in winter, especially the sunsets. There is a calm that takes over as you watch the brilliant colors touch the pure white of the snow, and the quiet takes over and for that one single moment there is pure beauty before your eyes.


Mommy Liz


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