Let Me Kiss That Boo Boo Baby Boy.
March 9, 2008
March 10, 2008
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Veggies, please.

I can never get my abies to eat their vegetables. What’s a mommy to do when u show a stubborn streak by refusing the healthy foods that will make them grow big and strong? This mommy came up with a plan. I decided to find ways to hide the veggies in the food my abies love. Last week I made a huge casserole of macaroni and cheese with extra cheese just the way they like it. But cheese wasn’t the only extra thing it had. I added food jars of squash. The mac and cheese disappeared in record time, with praises of how yummy it tasted. They still don’t know mommy tricked them into eating their vegetables. Next week this clever mommy plans to experiment with spinach and brownies.

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