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December 13, 2007
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December 13, 2007
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Vampira’s Conquest

In an Italian villa, just west of Sicily, the remains of the day slowly whittle away. A once busy cobble-stoned street, teaming with vendors is now nothing more than a deserted, lonely road. The sun begins its slow descent into the horizon.

As the night approaches, Vampira sleeps peacefully inside her marble sarcophagus. The deep purple, silken sheets add an extra coolness to the frosty marble sarcophagus. A soft, well-cushioned mattress underlies the sheets. This is the tomb of a queen, an ancient queen. She begins to stir, instinctively sensing the sun as it quietly dips into the horizon. The sarcophagus automatically opens with the setting of the sun. Her eyelids began to creak open, as if controlled by some unseen force. Vampira begins to levitate, floating horizontally, rising above her silk-lined tomb. Her long-flowing gown moves down and grazes her tomb as she rises to an upright position. The black high heel slippers beneath her feet protect her skin from the icy marble floor.

She is the embodiment of female physical perfection. The low-cut gown does not attempt to hide her amble, supple bosom. Her black silky gown flows gently over her breast, with just a hint of her perky nipples lingering beneath. Almond-shaped eyes and waist-length ebony hair compliment her seemingly delicate features. Her small waist and inviting hips are hidden beneath her gown. Standing 6’2”, she is a voluptuous, statuesque beauty.

Eagerly, she ascends the spiral, metal-encased stairway to reach her clothing room. “What shall I wear for an evening of merriment?” She anxiously searches her closet, not unlike a nervous girl anticipating her first date. “PERFECT!” she exclaims, seemingly pleased with her selection for the evening.

An inquisitive look sweeps across her face. “Decisions, decisions. Where to go? What to do?”

(The adventure begins)


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