lactation fantasy
February 11, 2014
Sissy Nina
February 15, 2014

valentine heels for my sissy

Aren’t these adorable?  Perfect for this special day!  Can you imagine finishing off that special Valentine’s dress with these?  I can see it now – a sweet little red dress, hair swept up in a cute red bow, and lips painted a very sultry red!  Quite the fashion statement!  Oh, and did I mention that it wouldn’t be me wearing these, but you?  NO? How silly of me, heehee!  But you must admit, you being a sissy and all, and a sissy that I insist should always look their best, why wouldn’t I be putting them on you?


Well, now that we have that all straightened out, let’s get you ready to go out, shall we?


Mommy Gina


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