Diaper Boi’s
March 28, 2011
sissy discipline
March 29, 2011


Hello to all you little sissy
Aby’s who loves to be diapered and all ready to be taken care of from a dommy mommy like me! But you know what I think? I think that my naughty little aby’s like yourself should wear a pink diaper just like the little sissy that you really are! And don’t get that diaper all messy, if you do you might find yourself in the timeout corner with a bright red little tush from mommy’s hand across your naughty bare bottom! I know that you always try to follow mommy’s lead just exactly the way that I tell you to. But sometimes you make a boo boo. Then mommy has to make sure to discipline you in the way in which she sees fit. I know you will understand one day that it’s all for your own good!

Mommy Lexus


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