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January 17, 2008
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January 19, 2008
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The Darling Nursery

The Darling Nursery 

      Sylvia took Jake by the restraints and walked him to his mother’s ‘library’. “I don’t believe you have been in here in quite some times have you angel?” she asked. Jake shook his head no slowly.    

      As Sylvia opened the door Jake was amazed. The rows of bookcases had been replaced by larger sized baby furniture. In place of his mother’s reading chair was a glider rocker. Soon his eyes moved across the room to the crib in the corner. It had a locking door and high sides. Above the crib hung a beautiful mobile playing soft music.  

         “Jake, on the changing table little one” Sylvia said. He looked at her sadly but climbed up on the table. Sylvia pulled his panties down and tossed them into a laundry basket. She hummed to herself as she carefully folded a cloth diaper and slid it under his hips. Jake watched in horror as she reached down into the compartments on the table and grabbed an interesting pair of plastic panties. They were light pink with lots of white ruffles.

          Sylvia motioned for Jake to flip over and she snapped something on the panties.   

         “They are locked in place now Jakie, they will stay in place until your mother or I change you.” She told him “Now that bra must come off, you aren’t old enough for a bra yet girl.” Sylvia unsnapped and removed his bra.  

          After he was diapered and locked into his panties his new nanny helped him from the changing table. He was told that unless told otherwise that he was to crawl. Having reached his limit Jake continued to walk about the nursery.   

        “There is no use in trying to fight this bebe`, you are what you are.” Nanny told him as she grabbed his wrist. She walked him to the chair and pulled him into her lap. His plastic panties crinkled against the soft fabric of her skirt as she lifted her hand to spank him 7 times on his plastic panties and diaper. “Next time, the diaper comes off, the next an instrument will be used, and it will only increase.” She warned   

         Sylvia told the baby to get up and assisted him in climbing into his crib. She smiled at him as she locked the door behind him.      “No story tonight, you disobeyed Nanny” she said as she blew him a kiss and walked out.   


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