Chastity and Locked in Diapers
April 5, 2011
Oh no
April 8, 2011

Art work by Diapered-Sailor-Moon

Recently my teen baby got caught wearing diapers cause Mommy makes her wear them under her dress when she goes to school. I had no other choice because of her wetting problem. I received a call from school that the kids were all cracking jokes and making fun of her so I went right down to explain to the teacher that she needed to be in them and why. It was rather humiliating for her, but I have no other choice but to have put her back in diapers otherwise she just wets her panties and gets teased anyways. My poor teen baby, Mommy feels so bad that you get ridiculed so *shakes head* but you know that Mommy knows best sweetpea!

Mommy Sara
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