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April 10, 2008
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April 18, 2008
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Teacher's naughty boy punishment

Being a teacher can be a very hard but rewarding job. Many of my
students have special needs and I always take the extra time to stay after
school and help them. Last week my baby Zake was having a hard time in
class with his social studies, so we stayed after and worked on that together.

As I was going over the material with him, he kept letting himself get
distracted. I think he was checking me out but didn’t want to get caught
Because he knows I spank my naughty boys and give them punishments. At
one point felt his foot on my leg, he had taken is shoe off and was
playing footsie! “Mr Zake! That is not appropriate young man!”, I
scolded. I had him stand up and pull down his trousers. Then I got my 12 inch
ruler and gave him four good hard spanks! He was so embarrassed because
this spanking gave my young man a Huge erection that he could not
hide. I grabbed it by the shaft and gave it a whack too. “And you’re
naughty too!” I said. He pulled his pants back up and I had him write
“I will not play footsie with teacher” 50 times. After that it was
time to go. I gave him a big hug, a kiss on the forehead, and a rub on
that hard little man of his. I told him not to worry I’m not mad at him,
and he went home. Do you feel like you need
some special attention from teacher? Call me baby I’m very attentive
and will make you a happy young man.

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