My Nursery
July 10, 2010
Think About It
July 11, 2010

kitty in towel restraints

Now this gave me such a tickle when I saw it! Poor little kitty! But then I was thinking, what a wonderful way of keeping an especially naughty little one under wraps, so to speak, hehe. Keeping them wrapped up snuggly and firmly so they can not squirm or misbehave or, heaven forbid, try and touch their little weewee in their diaper (like they try to do so very often, tsk tsk). So after an afternoon, or even a full day and night of being bound and denied of any movement of any kind, I believe I would have a very compliant and obedient ABie on my hands, willing to do (or not do) whatever I ask of them – exactly how I like my ABies, hehehe.

Mommy Gina


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