August 1, 2010
diapered abie girls
August 4, 2010

It’s getting time for those fierce thunder storms to come our way, if you haven’t got them already! I am pretty amazed that people here on the beach seem to stay in the ocean when the lightening is striking. C’est la vie. I know babies can be scared of the lightening and the thunder. It is best to have your diaper on, because if you’re like me I can be a scaredy-pants and wet real easily! I will gladly take care of any baby that is scared of the storms; just call me – not from a landline phone but from a cordless! I will hold your shivering little body close while we hide in the hall wearing our diapers. And I will make sure to keep you safe and cozy, till the storm clears!

Your Big Sis, Mandy
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