Mom Cave
October 8, 2010
Looks what I have…..
October 10, 2010

steam-powered antique

Well, here we go, yet another interesting antique.  What people can’t cook up!  To think, the first fucking machine was steam powered!  Wow!  Now you know it was some guy, locked up in his little workshop, thinking, “Hmm, now how can I make this dildo hands-free so I can get the sensation of a real good ass-fucking?”  Or maybe it was a desperate husband that only had a wet noodle between his legs, and needed to find a way to satisfy his wife.  Can you imagine, one of these puppies in a bordello as a tool of the trade?  In any case, I think it’s true what the say – necessity is truly the mother of invention!

Mommy Maggie


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